Gamifying cruise exploration.


  • Client Onboard Media, a Moet Hennessy Brand
  • Date 07/02/2013
  • Categories Design, Engagement, Research, Strategy
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Onboard Media, a Moet Hennessy brand wanted to launch a site that would leverage existing editorial content, inspire cruisers, and drive cruise bookings. The base of our idea was to never allow the content to get stale. Our solution would rely heavily on user generated content.  We conducted internal workshops, journey sessions, and sat in a war room for a full week white boarding. The incentive to share images, reviews and create discussion would be supported with a point and badge system. Users would accumulate points based on the amount of activity they do on the site. Points and badges could then be used when purchasing a cruise, or cashed in for added value items.

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The goals were to make Onboard the go-to site for inspiration, planning and booking cruise travel.

Deliverables included wires, annotations and visual mock-ups.