The Miami HEAT

A mobile fan first experience.


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Senior Manager, Experience Design of a true mobile first experience for an NBA Team. Challenged with creating a complete fan engagement platform. This platform would be mobile first and would ultimately provide the team with a true 360 degree view of their fans. This app would be all that a fan needed for their daily fix out of the arena and allow fans to make purchases and manage tickets all on their mobile device.

We set out by defining the strategy and designing the UX to support the goals of the fans and the NBA Team organization. Our discovery phase kicked off with research, competitive analysis and client workshops, gathering and prioritizing requirements.

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We created story maps that drove the requirements and solutions. We created user journeys, flows, wireframes and a robust 100+ screen invisionapp prototype.


The team worked very closely together, we stitched the app together side by side. sketching and collaborating.

We built a fully integrated sponsorship model into the app and tested it to gage a fan’s threshold for advertising and sponsorship.

Continuously prepared decks and led and managed client review sessions. Represented the XD department and demonstrated the total fan engagement solution as presenter in several NBA executive meetings.

Our competitive assessment evolved over time, we added more teams, and it changed depending on who we were presenting to 🙂

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Our spreadsheet even made it into a presentation. Yay!

As we identified gaps with the competition and finalized requirements, we began to surface the big ideas, and we could now start sketching.

The HEAT stream was born, and it would revolve around the fan’s who, what when, and where.

Our design system was in place, now all we had to do was document and hand it off to development off-shore.

We created two prototypes to had out to the client during the first meeting to share our ideas. One in wire form and one with comps.

And then we tested it, and tested, and tested it, we went games, watched games at home, we did it all. Our testing was documented, while we tested, we also participated in the App Squad, an initiative to assist fans with the app in arena.







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