Interactive TV

10-Foot UI


  • Client A cruise line
  • Date 07/01/2015
  • Categories Design, Engagement, Prototype, Strategy

Designing for 10-foot UI. With this project, we developed a design that would match brand and user needs…watching TV with one of the funnest brands out there. We also infused it with some elements that might make guests in this multi room venue, talk about it over coffee or a drink. Our goal was simplicity. It was immediately clear, that how guests navigate TV couldn’t be more different than how users navigate a website or mobile app.

So I set out to educate the team on 10-foot UI.

Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.056 Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.057 Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.058 Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.059 Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.060
With mobile apps or websites, the mouse and your finger offer freedom. Freedom to move from the lower right screen to the top left screen in the matter of seconds. With interactive TV and a remote controlled interface, one needs to be very cautious.  We have seen the positives and negatives from Roku, Apple TV, among others.  We conformed to two rules, remember people are turning on the TV to “Watch” television, never lose sight of this, and secondly, to keep it simple. Remove any elements that are not absolutely required. That meant removing screen titles and other superfluous information.

Our designs were focused on “people turn on the tv…to watch tv!”

Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.066 Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.068 Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.069 Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.070 Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.071 Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.072 Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.073 Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.074We also provided recommendations on remote control features, our driver for the remote was to never require users to learn a new button or have to look down every time they want to navigate. We stuck with the D-PAD and select.

Not only did we redesign the remote, we also redesigned the video player.

Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.079 Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.080 Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.081

The finished product is in production, we continue to work with the development team, with a tight deadline of a ship berth.

Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.075 Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.076 Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.077 Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.078