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Acted as lead UX Manager, working with our development team and graphic designers to generate participation in viewing the ESPN XGames, not only during games but provide engagement in the off times. The Athletes being their stars were the main focus, provide fans with a means to follow their favorite athletes. Immediately conducted an architectural overhaul, a new site structure was a foundational change in their platform but necessary for ease of use. We recommended a new structure to get users into the sections they wanted immediately, we coined them, “clusters”.

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The site would also need to support sunrise and sun-setting scenarios and the off season time frames. They also required a mobile presence that would allow fan participation at the games. During our process of improvements and identifying key areas to refine, the video player was key, users would need a way to navigate and save the abundance of video clips that come out of the XGames. Our video player concept offered an easy to browse player and bubbled up best and most recent videos.

A mobile App was created to drive in event fan participation. The “Hype Meter” app allows fans to cheer for a move or athletes by shaking their mobile device and combines it with social buzz.