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Project ask was to increase conversions by driving qualified visitors into the booking funnel. As Senior Manager, I led the UX team through a process beginning with user feedback. We then conducted our own UX audit, reviewed existing analytics and heat maps to identify problem areas and opportunities. With a clear strategy defined, all teams had their marching orders. We began by defining a UX strategy that would support a user led not a Cruise Line led experience. Led client workshops, created and presented UX Audits, UX strategies and recommendations, wireframes and prototypes.

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Our deliverables included an experience concept prototype, wireframes and a more robust prototype that was user tested several times. Iterations to solve for business requirements and user feedback were a critical piece in our delivery confidence.

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We also contributed to additional projects, such as the booking flow, a quick buy purchase flow, and other administrative needs.
The final product was moving into development, and we were continuing to optimize. Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.119

Our original designs were modified, illustrated here in Optimizely A/B testing.Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.121 Gessica.Tortolano.Samples.122


Notice anything? We had created our search to solve two main goals, instant gratification and a business goal of breaking a cruising website habit. Within the cruising industry, guests are used to hitting search before they do anything. This results in displaying options that may not apply. Our original design counted on, users simply interacting with the options, however, they were hesitant to do so.  Therefor, we came up with a very simple solution, let their bad behavior initiate interacting with search.

It was this trip that I noticed how important designing even bathroom experiences can be. Another trip to SFO. Silver on United, Gold on American, and still boarding last 🙁

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We continue to offer our support during Optimizely A/B testing.

We continuously bring our clients into our process by sharing trends and inspiration.

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The results are fantastic for our itinerary pages, guests are converting higher if they proceed through the itinerary path. This itinerary has evolved little since its inception, the day my car broke down, and I was stuck at home to wire by myself. Engagement with this new page has increased significantly.