Coke Innovation

Coca-Cola wants in on the Innovation game.


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Worked with Coca-Cola’s own Vice President of innovation as lead IA to assist in facilitating their own innovation lab. In the world of Quirkies, Ideos and Kickstarter it was only a matter of time until one of the largest companies on the planet got in the game as well. The ask was to form an online community where ideas could be crowd sourced, voted on and allow Coke’s own to contribute and mentors to guide.

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Took charge of documenting requirements and designed a crowdsourcing interface that could be used by both employees and innovators. The system would need to bubble up the good ideas but mostly it would need to serve as a recruitment tool for ideas, participation and collaboration. We provided a landscape and competitive assessment from a UX perspective and led the design based on a best in class user experience.

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