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How Usable are our Highways?

February 8, 2015 - Journal -

I often wonder why someone would design, traffic merging on and off so close to each other. If not dangerous, at the very least it causes traffic, jam ups and road rage. Waltham, MA exit on/off ramp connecting I93 with I128, this was where I first thought; is this really the best solution and if not is it just too late do we just keep applying the same mistakes because it is consistent? Is there a better way?

I mean I understand the concept, get on and off in the same place, but what about stacking them? Too much of an eyesore and expensive? And 0f coarse most are already built changing them now would be expensive and cause major construction issues.

But in the future when building roads is there a better way? Has anyone ever questioned and go against the grain in these planning meetings? Do they have a better idea? What do you think?

I remember my psychology professor at Emerson College in Boston spent 2 hours discussing the construction and layout of highways. Why were they built so close together, we had been set up for disaster, head on collisions when there’s no median, but the barrier solution only caused more problems, crashing into them. So maybe this is more of a psychological question but then again this is human factors isn’t it?

I95’s on/off ramps connecting 595 E to I95 N/S – talk about the danger and road rage. I almost got squished by an 18 wheeler while flipping me off.